KT announced on the 8th that it will hold the ‘AI Development Challenge‘ until the 18th as part of the creation of an open artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem.

College students and graduate students interested in AI technology and general developers can participate in this challenge as individuals or teams of three or less. You can download and apply for participation from Genie Labs, KT’s open AI research and development portal.

The competition tasks are three areas: △ Ultra-large T5 model-based object name recognition fine tuning △ mobile advertising auction success/failure prediction △ food image classification model design.

The task of “fine tuning of recognition of object names based on super-large T5 models” is to create a language model that recognizes key keywords of sentences in a conversation with KT’s artificial intelligence contact center (AICC). “Mobile advertising auction success/failure prediction” predicts advertising auction winning results with data from mobile advertising relay platforms, and “food image classification model design” is a task of designing a model that automatically recognizes food types, nutrients, and calories.

KT will select nine teams after reviewing the first qualifying round and the second final presentation.

A total of 18 million won in prize money will be provided to all winning teams and preferential benefits will be provided when applying for KT’s job. The awards ceremony will be held on October 13.

Kim Han-han, executive director of KT’s Convergence Technology Institute, said, “This ‘AI Development Challenge’ will be an opportunity for many people to know AI technology,” adding, “We hope you will pay a lot of attention and support for AI technology that will be useful and fun in customer’s real life.”

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