Com2us announced on the 8th that it will participate as a seed investor for “Gameplay Galaxy,” a U.S. Web3 game company.

Gameplay Galaxy is a company founded by producers of the mobile game “Trial Extreme” series, which recorded more than 250 million downloads around the world.

Trial Extreme is a sports game with thrilling bike racing tournaments. The game will be reborn as a web3 game through the gameplay Galaxy that allows users to own △ bikes, △ characters, △ racing tracks and trade irreplaceable token (NFT) items in the game.

In addition, GamePlay Galaxy will provide users of the existing game market with a more advanced game experience through various Web3 games, and this seed investment round has been prepared to establish such a development environment.

Com2us is in a position to participate as a gameplay Galaxy seed round investment company and expand its investment portfolio for global promising Web3 companies. △ U.S. venture capital (VC) “Blockchain Capital” △ global decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) “Merit Circle” △ blockchain company “YGG” participated in this seed round investment.

Com2us said, “Since last year, we have been actively investing in various blockchain and metaverse companies around the world,” adding, “We will establish strong investment partnerships with competitive and differentiated companies in the web3 market in the future.”

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