Web 3.0 game platform ITSBLOC said it has successfully attracted about 10 billion won worth of investment. In particular, a total of eight investment institutions participated in the institutional investment round, including Vista Labs, Nexus One, Edimus Capital, Atlas Capital, and Bull & Bear.

It’s Block is a platform dedicated to web 3.0 games developed by itself based on Polygon. It has platform operation and blockchain technology to build P2E systems such as Wallet, Swap, and Dex, and has continuously secured various global alliances. In addition, the platform proposes a difference from the existing P2E with high quality and season system of Web3.0 exclusive games that will be online from the third quarter of 2022, and attractive content that users can “Earn as much as they do eNjoy.”

The investment round is known to have succeeded in attracting investment worth 10 billion won, exceeding the original target, as inquiries from global investment institutions were made due to innovative P2E platforms, expertise, and

various favorable factors. It’s Block said that “DK Mobile: The Origin,” the second series of “DK Mobile,” which confirmed platform on-chain, was released in August and topped the Android market for more than two weeks, and the development of another Web3.0-only

MMORPG masterpiece, which is scheduled to join at the end of the year, was accelerating. The attracted investment will be invested in marketing activities to upgrade the platform, secure additional Web3.0 game IP, and revitalize the community.

In addition to its successful investment round, Itzblock has strengthened its Web3.0 business structure by joining hands with various global partners.

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