Art Lab Co., Ltd. (CEO Um Tae-woong) announced that it will participate in the 2022 InterCHARM Korea, which will be held at COEX in Seoul for a total of three days from September 21st (Wed) to 23rd (Fri).

Art Lab is a startup established in 2019 and supplies artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that analyze skin conditions and track changes through smartphone cameras to match optimized cosmetics and procedures to individuals. Based on this, it attracted 800 million won in seed investment from Naver and Cosmax in 2020.

In addition, between 2020 and 2021, skin data construction projects with Seoul National University Hospital and Asan Hospital are being implemented with AI technology and implemented as skin analysis-cosmetic matching AI to provide customized cosmetics online solutions to large Korean beauty companies. ArtLab’s skin care app “Skinlog,” which contains such specialized technology, is currently available for free download from iOS and Android app markets.

In this exhibition, Art Lab introduces the B2B solution “Skinizer,” which provides skin diagnosis and cosmetics recommendation only with mobile devices. Through this, customers can easily find the best cosmetics just by taking a picture of their skin and uploading it to the cosmetics mall, and companies can improve the customer purchase conversion rate and target and care for customer segments according to skin type, allowing continuous customer management and repurchase inducement.

SKINLOG, which will be introduced together, is a B2C app that provides skin recording, diagnosis, and change tracking services on mobile, and customers can simply share their skin conditions to share and consult with other users or experts. The app developed under the expression of “Dermatology in My Hand” aims to induce direct purchase of cosmetics and procedures as a solution to customers’ skin concerns.

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