It is a pharmaceutical, bio, and healthcare company that has attracted investment through venture capital, accelerators, and listed corporations. In the case of startups, investment is made by seed, which is the nature of the initial investment, and series A, B, and C depending on the increase in corporate value and the number of times thereafter. In general, it is considered a pre IPO step after the series C step.

Attract investment from Vertex Lab

Vertex Lab, the operator of the plastic information platform “Hey Ribbon,” has attracted seed investment from Zero Two One Partners. The scale was not disclosed.

Vertex Lab is an operator of Hey Ribbon, a plastic information platform that was officially launched in August. The problem of the entry system, which is difficult to distinguish between plastic surgeons and non-professionals, was limited to only plastic surgeons to enter, thereby increasing reliability.

In addition, it easily provides personalized information to consumers through applications for estimates on the platform, and is building a system that allows only users with a history of actually completing procedures and surgeries to write reviews.

Kim Kyung-tae, CEO of Zero Two One Partners, said, “We highly appreciated the growth potential of Vertex Lab, which created the distinction of ‘reliable specialists and plastic surgery information’ on a plastic information platform where accurate information is life.”

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