Reuters and AP reported on the 12th (local time) that Cruise, an autonomous driving subsidiary of U.S. auto maker General Motors, will increase the number of unmanned taxi service areas by two more places within this year.

Cruise CEO Karl Faulkt said at an investor conference that he plans to expand the self-driving taxi business to Phoenix, Arizona, and Austin, Texas, within 90 days.

Faulkt explained that the two regions initially operate on a small scale and plan to expand it next year.

Phoenix has received permission for ride calls and delivery services. Cruise has already piloted a self-driving delivery service here with investor Wal-Mart.

In Phoenix, Cruise will compete with Waymo, a self-driving company that commercialized unmanned taxis here in October 2020.

Earlier this year, Cruise launched an autonomous driving service using electric vehicles in San Francisco, California. During the daytime, when traffic is heavy, drivers ride with them in case of an emergency, and at night, they move only by autonomous driving.

However, in June, an accident that caused two injured people caused safety controversy as 80 vehicles were recalled to update the software.

On this day, CEO Forkt stressed that its self-driving technology is working well enough to expand its business.

In addition, CEO Forkt added that the company aims to achieve sales of $1 billion (about 1.4 trillion won) by 2025. This is half of the annual investment currently received from GM.

Cruise recorded operating losses of $51 million (about 70.2 billion won) and $868 million (about 1.2 trillion won) in the first half of this year.

Cruise is a startup that develops autonomous vehicle technology and was acquired by GM in 2016.

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