5×5 Gaming, an American blockchain game company that has attracted investment from Com2us, unveiled the auto chess game Battle of Kingdom.

According to industries on the 17th, 5×5 Gaming announced that it will unveil Battle of Kingdom and officially release it in the fourth quarter.

Battle of Kingdom, developed by 5×5 Gaming, is an auto chess-style strategic game that has the form of a collective card game using NFT (irreplaceable token) technology. In addition, various soldiers and characters were featured against the backdrop of human history from 10,000 BC to 1800 AD, saving the fun of strategic games.

In particular, unlike the existing P2E games that could only be accessed by purchasing NFT, it is also characterized by giving free NFT cards to all users who want to start the game so that they can access the game for free.

Battle of Kingdom will be launched in the fourth quarter based on two major mobile OSs: Android and iOS.

“We are avid lovers of RTS and CCG games, world history and various cultures,” a 5×5 gaming official said. “We developed Battle of Kingdom to share our passion for culture and stories of hidden history.”

Meanwhile, Com2us participated as a seed investor on February 8th, making a strategic investment in 5×5 gaming.

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