The Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA, Director Lee Won-tae) announced on September 6 (Tue) that it will conduct a demand survey for blockchain public sector support projects in 23 years and a public-distribution project in 23 years.

In order to fully utilize blockchain technology in people’s daily lives, KISA will push for intensive projects, which are newly promoted by public and private sectors, and spread projects to discover areas with high blockchain ripple effects.

The public sector will conduct a demand survey for government ministries, local governments, and public institutions to discover government public service projects, and the private sector will be conducted in the form of a free public offering to companies.

In particular, KISA has established an evaluation item to reflect public opinions in the evaluation stage to discover projects that the public can benefit from, and will form an industry, academia, and research expert advisory group to provide consulting on law, technology, and business models to enhance the completeness of the selected projects.

In addition, in the private sector, companies’ requirements such as extending the business period (6 months → 10 months) and expanding the scope of spot recognition were reflected so that companies could focus on service development.

The period of survey on demand for public sector support projects is from August 30 to October 7, and the period of public offering for concentrated and spread projects in the private sector is from September 6 to October 14. Details of the project can be found through the notice on the KISA website, and can also be guided through the project briefing session.

Kwon Hyun-oh, head of KISA’s digital base division, said, “KISA will strive to provide transparent and reliable services to the public by discovering leading and growing services to strengthen the competitiveness of the domestic blockchain industry.”

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