The Daejeon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Center Director Kim Jung-soo) will hold the 2022 Science Start-Up Show at the second exhibition hall of the Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) for two days from the 21st.

Under the theme of “The Future of Start-ups Open with Science and Technology,” more than 100 science startups, 17 support organizations, and startups will participate in the event.

As side events, open innovation of large and medium-sized companies, support for global entry into startups, seminars and social impacts in the data field, start-up demo days, and investment and loan counseling will be held.

In addition, 17 support organizations, research institutes, science and technology specialized universities, and startups recommended by related organizations will participate in order to publicize the excellence of science startups and promote startups.

It introduces technology and business models by dividing them into fields such as life science, electricity and electronics, machinery and materials, energy and resources, and information and communication.

It will also hold seminars and demo days to inform Venche Capital and accelerators of the excellence of startups, providing opportunities such as attracting investment and linking businesses.

On the first day of the event, SK, Hyundai Motor, LG, Lotte, Shinhan Financial, Hoban, Daegyo, and Geumseong Swan will participate to hold open innovation for large and medium-sized companies, and seminars and demo days will be held.

On the second day, a seminar on global entry into startups, a data forum and public data seminar, an Investor Round Table, and a demonstration day for science startups will be held.

In addition, Financial Day, which will help startups consult on investment and loans, will be operated on a regular basis for two days.

Kim Jung-soo, head of the Daejeon Innovation Center, said, “Daejeon has many start-up support institutions compared to other regions, so there are many opportunities for startups to start based on science and technology in various fields.”

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