Starbucks, a global coffee brand, will release an experience version of the customer compensation program “Odyssey” using NFT.

According to CoinDesk on the 9th (local time), Starbucks will expand its scope to the Web 3.0 ecosystem by providing its own compensation programs to employees and customers.

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Odyssey users collect ‘travel stamps’, a polygon-based NFT, as compensation. They will also receive “Odyssey Points” where they can enjoy various benefits through mini-games such as △ virtual espresso and martini production classes △ solo events △ coffee farm trips.

Through Odyssey’s digital community, members can interact and share their interest in coffee, Starbucks said. “We use a key part of Web 3.0 technology to provide rewards in an innovative way.”

Starbucks plans to send monthly invitations to customers on the waiting list starting next month. Customers invited to the Odyssey Beta service can buy and sell stamp NFTs collected from Marketplace on the Starbucks Odyssey app web. Odyssey users can purchase stamp NFT directly with a credit card without a cryptocurrency wallet

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