Decentralized financial deFi, which enables users to trade, purchase, sell, and exchange,

has grown rapidly to a market size of $40 billion (KRW 52 trillion) by penetrating every corner of the world from a small financial system to a global financial system.

In this process, DPI enabled a variety of financial services that were impossible in the existing financial system, from transparency of the blockchain to unauthorized access

However, DPI has a fundamental limitation that it cannot interact with centralized assets such as stocks. DPI investors can invest in various cryptocurrencies and DApps,

but it has been difficult to access existing asset investments such as centralized stocks.

‘DeFiChain’ is a ‘blockchain in the form of a proof of decentralized equity’ that emerged to overcome the limitations of DPI, and is a ‘DFI application’ built by hard forking Bitcoin.

Based on NASDAQ prices in September 2021, various stocks were converted and issued as decentralized distributed asset dToken and provided on the Bitcoin network.

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