Hangul and Computer will join hands with Playdap (CEO Brian Choi), a blockchain game service platform, to develop an irreplaceable token (NFT) game based on Hangeul.

The two companies are paying attention to the growing number of foreigners who want to learn Hangul from all over the world due to the spread of the Korean Wave worldwide

It announced on the 14th that it has signed a strategic partnership to promote global target NFT game business using Hancom’s Korean typing training game “Hancom Typing Practice.”

Through this cooperation, Hancom applied blockchain and NFT technology based on its own ‘Hancom Typing Practice’ IP

While developing new global games, PlayDab will be in charge of global services and marketing for new games through its blockchain game platform.

The two companies plan to operate so that users can acquire NFTs through games and trade NFTs through marketplaces.

Through the development of Hancom, not only technological advancement, but also K-pop lyrics and K-DRAMA lines are used as mission phrases for Korean typing games

It also plans to secure content-oriented fun elements.

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