Netmarble Metabus’ will establish a solid alliance front. It’s a subsidiary of Netmarble F&C

Metabus World is a company that includes global technology companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft (MS), Nvidia, and Adobe

This is because he joined the Metabus Standard Forum (MSF).

It was launched on the 21st of last month (local time) under the auspices of the Kronos Group, and agreed to establish interoperability standards for the construction of metaverse.

The “interoperability” referred to here focuses on “compatibility,” and if standards are established, organic compatibility and scalability between related services will increase.

As metaverse technology is linked to services experienced in reality, synergy effects can be expected in various technology industries

The participating companies are looking for a number of areas, from interactive 3D graphics to augmented (AR), virtual (VR) and mixed (XR) reality, including interaction paradigms, avatar privacy, finance, and location systems

have a plan to create a synergy


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