Wemade launched its blockchain game platform “WEMIX PLAY” in the global market today (1st).

WeMix Play aims to be an open blockchain game platform.

Users can purchase game-related items with cryptocurrency or trade NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

Play & Earn is possible to reinvest the assets earned in the game.

Wemade will also introduce Reflect Coin in July.

Reflect is a utility coin that allows users to fuse several tokens included in the Reflect Alliance among various games serviced by WeMix Play.

Wemade also launched the Wemix 3.0 Test Net today.

Wemix 3.0 is a blockchain mainnet developed by Wemade.

Wemade performs various tests to detect and correct any potential threats or loopholes in the protocol by copying the Mainnet protocol to the TestNet environment.

It plans to open the main net after the test is completed.

Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of Wemade, said, “Game is the most important utility of blockchain and cryptocurrency

WeMix Play will become an open blockchain game platform.”

“WeMix 3.0 that started testing today will also grow into the first-place mainnet, focusing on fully open services and platforms,” he said.


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