Latin America’s largest investment bank will enter the cryptocurrency trading platform market in Brazil.

BTG Factual, Latin America’s largest investment bank, launched its cryptocurrency trading platform Mint service in Brazil on the 16th (local time).

The platform supports bitcoin transactions and provides bitcoin-related educational content to all users who create accounts. Information such as related partners was not disclosed.

BTG Factual is the largest investment bank in Brazil that provides services such as asset management and corporate loans.

On the 15th, XP, Brazil’s largest securities company, also launched Xtage, a cryptocurrency asset trading platform.

XP users will be able to trade cryptocurrency directly on X-Stage through existing accounts. Currently, only Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) transactions are supported.

X-Stage provides 24-hour trading services using NASDAQ technology.

Brazil is one of the countries with a pro-currency trend in its own country.

On the 13th, Roberto Camposneto, president of Brazil’s central bank, said in a conference on cryptocurrency, “I oppose excessive regulation of cryptocurrency. However, I am a little concerned that about four companies currently have 80% of cryptocurrency,” he said.

“We predict that credit cards will gradually disappear due to the open financial system implemented by the central bank since last year. “The open financial system supports users to solve various financial-related problems in their lives using mobile integrated apps,” he explained.

On the previous day, Roberto Campos Neto, president of Brazil’s central bank, also expressed his position on digital currency (CBDC).

President Roberto said, “We hope to issue central bank digital currency in 2024,” adding, “However, CBDC will be only tokenized deposits.”

Earlier, he mentioned, “We plan to develop technologies to allow private banks to issue their own stable coins with CBDC deposits as collateral.”

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