Investors’ attention is required as there is still a possibility of additional bankruptcy of virtual asset lenders.

According to CoinMarketCap on the 15th, Bitcoin prices are trading at $24,462, up 1.28% from 24 hours ago. Bitcoin was pushed back to $ 18,999 on the 13th due to concerns over worsening inflation, but its low point is gradually recovering.

Bitcoin volatility is currently being limited as news of Celcius, a virtual asset lender that has been under constant downward pressure since early June, has been reflected in its bankruptcy application.

According to CNBC and others, Celcius filed for bankruptcy protection under Article 11 of the Bankruptcy Act (Chapter 11) in a statement the previous day.

Members of the Special Committee of the Selcius Board of Directors said they would stabilize the business by conducting restructuring procedures in a way that “maximizes the value of all stakeholders.”

Celcius repaid the mortgage-type Stable Coin Die (DAI) debt to the Maker Dao Protocol twice on the 4th and 7th, but it seems that there was a lack of additional funds to repay loans to AAVE and COMP.

The Celcius wallet, identified by the on-chain data-providing website Zapper, is estimated to have assets worth about $1.3 billion, of which 27% are tied to Ethereum 2.0 staking, and about 41%, $654 million, is secured to Abe and Compound.

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