Amid concerns that the startup investment market is entering a cold season, startups that are showing off their solid internal stability are drawing attention.

According to venture investment information company “TheBC,” the total investment of domestic startups and small and medium-sized companies in May was KRW 1.1129 trillion, down about 48% from the previous month (2.1223 trillion won). As the long investment boom ended due to the worsening stock market and the cold wind blew, the venture capital (VC) industry began to “distinguish between good and bad,” a startup that can make profits immediately rather than external growth.

Now, companies that emphasize only vision and scale-up are being pushed out, and startups with solid internal stability are expected to lead the venture market. Accordingly, we introduce “real” startups that will lead the qualitative growth of the startup investment ecosystem by catching two rabbits, profitability and future growth.

◆ 20 times sales compared to the previous month in a month of subscription service reorganization ↑ Indent Corporation ‘V Review’

Startups that have captivated both “profit” and “growth” with unprecedented services not only in Korea but also in the global market are drawing attention. Indent Corporation, which operates Korea’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-based video review service “V Review,” recently reorganized its existing V Review subscription service, raising sales 20 times compared to the previous month in a month.

Even before the establishment of the corporation in 2018, Indent Corporation succeeded in pre-selling V-Review products to several commerce companies. At this time, it checked the market suitability (PMF) and started as a surplus company, which is unusual for a commerce-related startup. After its launch, it provided most functions for free to strengthen its position in the industry, and secured overwhelming video review production based on AI chatbots, achieving 3,312 domestic customers in three years.

Thanks to this expansion of the service, the V-Review subscription service has been converted to a full paid subscription plan to operate the monetization system in earnest since April. Its strategy is to strengthen its internal stability by maximizing profits without missing the essence of the business. In particular, the recently introduced global short form video review platform “Spray” is showing significant transaction data, which is expected to introduce sales synergy along with VReview in the future.

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