South Korean game companies are betting on new MMORPGs as ambitious works to rebound their performance. As each company’s representative IP has been put forward, competition for pride is expected to take place in the second half of the year.

Major game companies such as Netmarble, Com2us, Nexon, and Line Games will release MMORPG as a card for a rebound in performance. As a result, fierce competition with new products and existing MMORPGs, which are at the top of sales, is expected.

Netmarble is set to go first. Netmarble plans to release ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ on the 28th. Sena Revolution is the third work based on Netmarble’s own intellectual property (IP) “Seven Knights” and contains open world elements.

The Sena Revolution is a new production that has had 100 developers in about four years. Netmarble’s expectations are also considerable. In the meantime, Netmarble has named its confident work Revolution. Attention is focusing on whether Sena Revolution will be a relief pitcher to break away from Netmarble’s deficit. This is because Netmarble turned into a deficit for the first time in 10 years in the first quarter.

Earlier, Netmarble CEO Kwon Young-sik expressed confidence that “Seven Knights Revolution contains Netmarble’s will to surpass the value of its previous work,” adding, “It is the complete form of Seven Knights IP, which has inherited and developed the strengths of its previous work and has evolved to the next level.”

Com2us will release “Summoners War Chronicles” on August 16. The Chronicle is the third installment to succeed Com2us’ popular IP Summers War. The original Summer’s War: Sky Arena is a global hit that has surpassed 150 million downloads worldwide.

Chronicle is the first MMORPG based on Summoners War IP. Its ambition is to pioneer the area of hybrid MMORPG that contains both “collection of summoners” and “strategy through combination.” Chronicle will be introduced globally as a blockchain game after its release in Korea.

Attention is focusing on whether Com2us will be able to improve its poor performance. Until now, Summoners War IP has been more popular in global markets such as North America and Europe than in Korea. As Chronicle is released as MMORPG, a popular genre in Korea, it is expected to capture various users at home and abroad.

Nexon plans to release its new MMORPG “Hit 2” in the third quarter. Hit 2 is the sequel to the RPG “Hit,” which won the Korean Game Grand Prize in 2015. It is a masterpiece that inherits the identity of the hit and contains fun such as large-scale siege battles and field battles. It has been accepting reservations in advance since the 30th of last month. Nexon GT and Net Games merged to attract attention as Nexon Games’ first work, which was launched in March.

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