S2W (S2W) has unveiled an Incident Response Service (IR) that supports preemptive responses to cyber attacks.

S2W (S2W) provides “infringement accident response services” through its own infringement accident response center to protect the organization’s IT infrastructure and preemptively respond to the recent surge in ransomware and various cyber attacks.

The Infringement Incident Response Center is operated by experienced incident investigation experts from TALON, a world-class cyber threat intelligence (CTI) analysis organization within S2W, and supports responses throughout the entire process related to infringement incidents.

Accident investigation experts at S2W’s Infringement Incident Response Center support clear accident analysis and rapid recovery based on expertise acquired over the years, including the National Police Agency, the Korea Internet & Security Agency, and the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute.

S2W operates intrusion incident response services (IR) in a total of nine areas, including malware and vulnerability analysis, digital forensics, ransomware analysis, crisis management, damage prediction, and problem-solving strategy construction.

Upon receipt of a customer’s request, S2W’s Infringement Incident Response Service (IR) can quickly detect malware and attack tools to analyze infringement techniques and paths, establish response rules accordingly, and establish response systems to defend against similar and additional attacks. It provides a one-stop service from analysis of infection routes and causes of accidents due to damage to support to prevent recurrence.

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