Naver announced 60 regular papers at an overseas artificial intelligence (AI) conference in the first half of this year, solidifying its position as a global AI core company beyond Korea.

Starting with the AI platform Clova, it is growing its competitiveness in the direction of strengthening industry-academic cooperation to expand the ecosystem.

According to related industries on the 9th, Naver Clova presented 60 papers from January to June, breaking the record (66 papers) released last year for the first time in half a year.

It has proven its research capabilities not only in the field of applied AI such as computer vision, natural language processing, and voice technology, but also in the field of technology.

Naver Clova introduced 13 papers at the International Society for Expression Learning (ICLR),

proposed computational methods to improve data processing performance, and announced research results in AI core-based technology

such as experimental research on deep neural network learning. The International Association for Machine Learning (ICML) will also present five papers.

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