Online marketing. “Lee Luda Marketing”

Brand X Corporation’s online marketing subsidiary, Yuda Marketing, has attracted 3.5 billion won worth of new investments through two investment associations created by Oen Venture Investment.

Launched as a marketing company specializing in fashion brands in 2011, Iruda Marketing is evaluated to have high consumer understanding and marketing expertise and operational know-how that can establish and implement brand strategies at once. It is explained that it is strengthening its position as a digital comprehensive advertising agency that provides borderless marketing services such as performance marketing, media advertising, integrated marketing communication (IMC), and branding. Currently, it has a cumulative 3,000 customers.

Investment companies highly appreciated the growth potential of Ilda marketing based on solid indicators. In fact, Yilda Marketing has recorded an annual average sales growth rate of about 60% over the past three years. In terms of profitability, it achieved 38% of the cumulative operating profit ratio in the third quarter.

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