Enterprise Blockchain announced on the 13th that it has officially launched a blockchain-based community market called “Alot.”

“Earat” supports community communication between creators and general users and helps commercial activities such as content and ticket trading.

Anyone who has their own talent can create a community through “Earat.” You can communicate actively with fans, and you can earn commercial transaction income by selling content using your organs, offline event tickets, and original products (creative works).

Users can also secure asset income through assetization such as resale income and dividend income in the future. Until now, freelancers such as creators have been difficult to receive financial services due to difficulties in proving their income, but Earat plans to store transaction records in the blockchain and link them to receive financial services.

Earat users can freely join the community of creators they are interested in and enjoy their own content according to their taste. You can also purchase event tickets or products within the app. Currently, various creators such as “Easy or Easy” and “Joy Skitchin” have opened communities and started communicating with fans in nine categories including food and entertainment.

You can check offline tickets or original products through the app, and tickets and products are issued in the form of NFT on the private chain of the enterprise blockchain. Records of communication with fans and creators are stored and authenticated in the blockchain.

Fans can purchase creators’ products using Arat Point, and points can be charged and withdrawn within the app or on the website.

“We want to help creators assetize their talents, provide users with high-quality content and products that suit their tastes, and create a virtuous cycle of talent,” an enterprise blockchain official said. “We will continue to make efforts for creators and consumers to discover and grow together through ‘Aarat’.”

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