The most necessary thing in blockchain popularization is to improve the usability of the platform and create practical and specific application cases. Recently, blockchain platforms that have greatly improved usability have been released one after another, drawing keen attention from the market.

The blockchain mainnet “XPLA (Xpla)” that Com2us Group led is drawing attention as it was officially launched. XPLA aims to be the leading mainnet of the Web 3.0 paradigm, where various content creators in the cultural and artistic fields can grow together.

XPLA, which was officially launched, created Genesis Block and operated the blockchain mainnet. The Genesis block refers to a first block recorded in a blockchain network. Prior to the creation of the Genesis block, the first incineration of the existing C2X token was also completed normally. Incineration C2X is reissued with the same quantity of XPLA with mainnet operation. C2X, which has not been distributed on the market, undergoes incineration and reissue procedures several times over a certain period of time. C2X, which is in circulation, will also be converted to the same quantity of XPLA at a certain point in time.

XPLA also collaborated with partners with excellent technology such as Jenna Ad, DexLab, and Hatch Labs to establish a stable blockchain network environment. In addition to Com2us Group, various partners such as Ojis and Delight, who have abundant verification experience, joined the initial verifier of Mainnet, increasing the reliability of Mainnet. In addition, it is planning to increase scalability by securing compatibility with Ethereum virtual machines (EVMs) within this year.

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