Hour Home (CEO Koo Ji-eun), a comprehensive food company, announced on the 29th that it opened a Metabus-based customer counseling center on the 27th.

The center is operated by the metaverse virtual office ‘Soma’. In March, it officially opened after a pilot operation after signing an agreement with Proptech (real estate and technology convergence) company Zigbang to move into Soma. The staff of the regional center goes to Soma to work.

The center was designed to focus on overcoming the limitations of non-face-to-face work methods and establishing an efficient work environment. The remote work method saved employees’ commuting time. By establishing an environment such as an offline counseling center, work satisfaction has been increased. In addition, under the one-team working system, all employees can share and feedback quickly in one space, increasing efficiency and promoting stable collaboration.

Hour Home is also looking forward to improving customer satisfaction as it can check inquiries in real time and provide smooth customer counseling with a quick deployment of personnel. In the future, it plans to build a 24-hour customer response system by moving a logistics center with a lot of night work into Soma.

An Our Home official said, “We have improved the complementary points to create a better working environment and strengthen customer service through the pilot operation of the Metabus Customer Counseling Center,” adding, “We will expand our work to increase efficiency when working in the Metabus environment in the future.”

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