Me2on has been listed on Huobi Global.

Me2on, a social casino company, announced on the 8th that its blockchain MEV cryptocurrency has been listed on Huobi Global.

Miverse is equipped with its own mainnet as a blockchain with “Fleeta” of Sand Square (currently Miverse Labs), which was acquired by MeTooon Group in February.

In addition to Huobi, it is traded in MEXC, Bithumb, and Coinone.

MeTooon updated its NFT marketplace on Mebus on the 30th of last month.

Afterwards, it plans to provide services such as “King of Planet” and “Pocket Battle NFT War” as Miverse-based blockchain games.

CEO of Me2on said, “We are happy to list Huobi on the global virtual asset exchange following MEXC.”

“After that, we will be able to establish various domestic and foreign projects as on-board and global representative blockchain on the mainnet of Miverse,” he said.

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