As a result of 130,000 big data analysis on IP (intellectual property rights) mentioned on mass media, social media, and the web, “SuperIP” and “K-Content” were selected as the main keywords.

According to “KPR Insight Tree,” which conducted big data analysis, games topped the list with 31,942 IP-related words, followed by second-place contents (21,075 cases) and third-place platforms (18,769 cases). It was followed by characters (13,876), NFT (12,283), and Metabus (11.149). Webtoons, Kakao, movies and dramas ranked 7th to 10th, respectively.

IP has expanded from games to entertainment industries such as webtoons, movies, and dramas, and recently digital technologies such as NFT and Metabus have been applied, attracting attention as a new business, according to KPR Insight Tree

Until now, IP business has been mainly used in the publishing and game industries, but it has been confirmed that it has been actively introduced and used in various industries such as entertainment such as webtoons and dramas, and fashion and beauty. IP (intellectual property rights) refers to anything that can be realized as an intangible and property value, and in short, it can be said to be a right to creative content.

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