SK Telecom is an affiliate of AhnLab’s blockchain company, ABC, and Atomrix Lab, a blockchain company

It was announced on the 11th that it has signed an agreement for joint development and operation of Web 3 wallets (digital asset wallets).

Web3, a generation division of online services, is a web1 that receives information from web pages in one direction (read-oriented) and provides information through a centralized platform, while providing information to users

Following Web2, it refers to an era in which users can own data as well as two-way provision (read-write) of information.

This joint development will take place in the form of SKT and ABC developing services using Atomrix Lab’s digital asset wallet source technology.

After the service development is completed, SKT and ABC will be in charge of the operation, and Atomrix Lab will provide technical support for the operation of both companies.

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