Sports Data Token (SDT) of ISDA (International Sports Data Alliance) Project, a blockchain-based digital sports data platform prepared by sports content company Olive Creative, will be listed on the global virtual asset exchange “LBANK” on the 25th.

“ISDA is a blockchain-based global data sports platform designed to expand the sports base and create a healthy ecosystem for the sports industry,” Olive said. “It is designed to collect and track data to youth, clubs and amateurs, not just for elite athletes.”

Olive is the first project of ISDA and has developed and is operating the digital soccer playground ‘Soccer Pie’ application, the first soccer point app in Korea.

“We are collecting video data and physique data as a soccer data collection platform developed with the value of ‘My soccer data accumulating while playing,'” he said. “It will be developed to collect physical data and game data.” The data collected in this way can be transparent and objective data by using blockchain technology.

In particular, various indicators using accumulated data can be set through the AI analysis system, which is being developed with the goal of opening in the second half of the year, and personalized solutions linked to various industries are provided.

In addition, videos accumulated steadily from childhood will be NFTed in the future and can be expanded to a sports metaverse platform that combines games and virtual reality.

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