Introduction of Lemon Healthcare and Blockchain System

Lemon Healthcare, a two-way healthcare data platform company, aims to provide safe and reliable digital healthcare services

It announced on the 4th that it has introduced ‘Lemon Chain’, a blockchain solution.

Lemon Healthcare first applied to the “God of Claims” platform, which allows users to easily claim loss insurance without documents.

Lemon Chain is a blockchain-based solution that can safely store, store, and utilize various medical data by establishing a healthcare blockchain network (HBN).

In the future, lemon healthcare will also include personal health records (PHR), personal health data (PGHD), life-log data, biometric data, and genetic data

It is planning to expand and apply the blockchain base.

The HBN presented by Lemon Healthcare provides both medical institutions and patients with free access to and utilization of healthcare data in both directions

It is a more advanced medical ecosystem system. Blockchain technology has improved data security, transparency, and reliability by preventing forgery and falsification of personal records.

It also advocates a virtuous cycle network that can quickly and safely supply medical data to places where medical data is needed, such as medical institutions and research institutes.

Medical data that has been approved for personal use can be used in the medical industry through de-identification processing (blockchainization).

The added value and benefits produced through this are distributed to data providers such as patients.


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