Amid lingering uncertainties in the global economy, including the recent Russia-Woo crisis and a series of interest rate hikes, KOTRA will step up to help startups enter overseas markets.

KOTRA will hold ‘InnoGate 2022′, a comprehensive event for startups to advance overseas, from the 6th of next month.

At the Innogate event, which marks its second year this year, more than 300 companies from around the world, including global companies, venture capital (VC), global company venture capital (CVC), accelerators, buyers, and startups, will gather together.

Starting with the startup overseas expansion strategy forum, various programs such as Demo Day and online showcase will be held at the event.

First, on October 6, a startup overseas expansion strategy forum will be held at the community house in Myeong-dong, Seoul.

Under the theme of “strategies to turn crises into opportunities,” the forum will focus on survival strategies through startups’ overseas expansion.

Kumardev Chatterjee, a member of the World Economic Forum advisory committee and founder of the world’s largest metaverse startup worth $500 million, will participate as a keynote speaker, while 15 domestic and foreign experts, including Hong Kong’s Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund and U.S. Open Innovation Accelerator Plug and Play, will present various strategies.

The Innovation Startup Demo Day event will then be held at the same venue on October 7.

At the Demo Day event, Merck Electronics officials will listen to the technology pitching of startups in the semiconductor and display fields and discover startups to collaborate.

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