Now, the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate with each other in any language around the world is breaking down the difficulties of minority languages and overcoming the limitations of communication.

Machine translation (MT) systems are improving rapidly, but they still rely heavily on learning from large amounts of textual data

In general, it does not work well for languages that lack learning data and languages that do not have standardized writing system.

In February, MetaAI helped people better connect, communicate, and become part of the metaverse of the future

In an effort to provide high-quality machine translation capabilities for most languages around the world, ‘No Language Left Behind (NLLB)’ was developed and released as open source.

This gives more people around the world the opportunity to access web content in their native language, to draw real-time news and share a variety of information, regardless of language preferences

It aims to provide an opportunity to communicate with anyone anywhere

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