Line Genesis, a virtual asset and blockchain subsidiary of Line Co., Ltd., announced on the 14th that it has signed a business agreement with OnLife to develop an interactive game aglet service based on Line Blockchain.

Online Life is the operator of the interactive sneakers game “Aglet.” Through this partnership, Line Genesis and OnLife will cooperate with Aglet’s development of Japanese localization services using Line Blockchain and partnership with Japanese partners.

Aglet is a game in which users can acquire and collect virtual items or real shoes as compensation according to the actual number of steps after wearing sneakers in a digital space. It is also attracting attention as a sneakers collection app by providing items such as famous brands and limited edition products. It has recorded more than 4 million downloads so far.

The two companies will launch Japan-only aglet services based on line blockchain in the future and cooperate to allow users to enjoy various digital fashion within aglet through partnerships with clothing brands in Japan.

Lim In-kyu, CEO of Line Genesis, said, “We are very happy to cooperate with Aglet, which provides fashion services in the virtual world,” adding, “We plan to create synergy in the web3 area in the future by connecting with various companies based on Line’s 93 million Japanese users.”

Ryan Mullins, CEO of OnLife, said, “I am confident that Aglet, which is very popular in Asia, will grow further through partnerships with Line,” adding, “This agreement will be a new step to providing users with more immersive services by realizing the convergence of the two spaces.”

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