Brand consulting agency Yulsite and blockchain company Dillian Meta said on the 15th that they signed a memorandum of understanding on their work for social contribution activities and marketing cooperation using NFT.

With this agreement, Dillian Meta will plan and sell collaboration goods using its IP, Endorphin Factory PF NFT project. It expects synergy with various stakeholders, such as activities with the socially disadvantaged and distribution of profits to NFT holders.

With this agreement, Dillian Meta expressed its willingness to grow into a valuable brand, and Yulsite, a prospective social enterprise, provides consulting and processes to realize this. Under the plan of YulSite, the goods of “Endorphin Factory” will be produced by customizing goods brand “Tenverine” and sold at the official shopping mall of the cultural and artistic brand “Muami.

YulSite is supporting the sustainable growth of small business owners and social economy companies through its own capabilities to create and grow brands by practicing the slogan of “creating a good brand that solves social problems based on small ideas.” In particular, it was selected as a preliminary social enterprise by the Ministry of Employment and Labor in 2021.

Lee Dong-hyuk, CEO of Dillian Meta, said, “NFT is still a new market for the public, and Dillian Meta will create an NFT industry culture where Dillian Meta pays attention to CSR activities.”

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