S&P Lab (CEO Lee Jae-young), a company specializing in MyData, announced that it was selected as the “2022 AI Learning Data Construction Project” to solve traffic congestion problems.

The 2022 data construction project for artificial intelligence learning is organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and promoted by the Korea Intelligence Information Society Promotion Agency, aiming to identify various means of transportation and build data on movement trajectories.

A consortium consisting of S&P Lab, Motov, B2N, and Korea Management Association consulting will carry out the project until December.

Through this project, the consortium, which includes S&P Lab, plans to propose an artificial intelligence utilization model that can predict traffic demand by establishing various traffic data using artificial intelligence-based smartphone sensors.

S&P Lab, which is in charge of recruiting, selecting, and managing “crowdwalkers,” will recruit crowdwalkers and manage participants in consideration of the frequency of use by means of transportation to effectively analyze public transportation, taxi/private cars, and bicycles.

In addition, in order to safely collect applicant information, it plans to recruit crowdwalkers through ‘MyD’, a blockchain-based MyData app.

Lee Jae-young, CEO of S&P Lab, said, “We expect this project to help solve traffic congestion problems through predicting traffic demand by region, day of the week, and time. We will contribute to national projects using data.”

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