Oister Co., Ltd., a virtual content developer, announced on the 27th that it has signed a “strategic business agreement for digital human production” with Saltlux Co., Ltd., an artificial intelligence company, at COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 22nd.

Saltlux, which signed an agreement to advance AI digital human development, is an artificial intelligence big data company. The company explained that it is leading the artificial intelligence and big data market by providing services such as “Ai Suite,” an AI integration platform with high-performance artificial intelligence engines.

In addition, Planet, a subsidiary of Saltlux, is a metaverse content developer and will join forces to create a realistic digital human that combines artificial intelligence through the agreement.

At the signing ceremony, Yang Ki-hyuk, co-CEO of Oyster, said, “Through this agreement, we will develop digital humans made with artificial intelligence services and advanced technologies in collaboration and present a new digital world where digital humans operate in various industries.”

Meanwhile, Oyster is a virtual content developer co-founded by Motion Technology Co., Ltd. and Coan Studio Co., Ltd., which have been developing various contents and technologies while continuing in one field of motion capture for more than 20 years.

In particular, based on the real-time digital human production system, it will accelerate various digital human development projects such as AI characters and virtual YouTubers and launch the project through the KOBA 2022 exhibition from June 29 to July 1. It plans to introduce the accumulated technologies in earnest by launching Oyster brands’ digital humans such as digital human ‘Soy’ and AI digital human ‘Bora’ that can interact in real time.

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