Infinite Block, a blockchain-based fintech startup, announced on the 26th that it has attracted pre-seeded investment from Infobank.

Infinite Block is a fintech startup that is developing a platform that can safely and conveniently operate and manage digital assets using blockchain-based digital wallet technology. The fintech platform, which is being developed mainly by Infinite Block, includes △Custody specializing in storing and managing digital assets △Securities Token (STO) issuance and operation service △Unreplaceable Token (NFT) operation and management service.

Infinite Block aims to provide an infrastructure platform with high reliability and convenience in the digital asset market, where systems and regulations have not yet been refined compared to its growth potential, and to create an ecosystem that customers can trust and use. Through this, it plans to support innovative companies in various industries such as commerce and game companies as well as financial companies such as banks and securities firms to enter the digital asset market.

Infobank announced that it has selected Infinite Block as the first target of investment in the ‘FinTech Innovation Fund’ formed with investment from Korea Growth Finance. The fintech innovation fund was created with the aim of revitalizing the domestic fintech industry by investing in innovative fintech companies.

“In an industrial environment where fintech areas are gradually expanding, institutional fintech platforms based on blockchain technology are essential in the digital asset sector,” said Oh Jung-hwan, director of Infobank, who led the investment.

Global digital asset markets are experiencing more rapid changes and growth pains than ever,” said Jung Gu-tae, CEO of Infinite Block. “We will create a safe and convenient financial infrastructure so that various companies can enter the market comfortably from a longer-term perspective.”

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