Rocket Healthcare Co., Ltd., a platform company specializing in 3D bioprinting regeneration therapy, has signed an exchange and cooperation agreement with the Korea Blockchain Industry Association (Chairman Yeon Sam-heum), which specializes in blockchain and related industries.

The Korea Blockchain Industry Association has recently steadily produced blockchain and related industries in the market to address the educational demand of the bio-healthcare industry.

In addition to promoting online educational content and qualification and revitalizing new technologies in bio-health care, the company recently decided to introduce a learning management system (LMS) of the Smile Story E-learning Platform (SELF), and agreed with the association to develop and operate joint certificate courses and produce educational videos.

Yoo Seok-hwan, CEO of Rocket Healthcare, said, “We hope this agreement will serve as a cornerstone for the development of the bio-healthcare industry along with an opportunity to grow further in both institutions.”

“This exchange and cooperation agreement with Rocket Healthcare will be a good opportunity to pioneer the bio-healthcare field and suggest a direction to move forward in promoting the development of the blockchain industry,” said Yeon Sam-heum, president of the association.

“The Korea Blockchain Industry Association, which fosters professionals in blockchain and related industries who have already established themselves in the market, has introduced the Smile Story E-learning Platform’s Learning Management System (LMS) early, so we are building a site so that related qualification candidates can take the qualification test on the association site from August.”

Rocket Healthcare expects that this cooperation will further clarify the global management goal of achieving collective intelligence on medical information as a healthcare platform company.

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